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Integrative Consultation

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Includes Consultation & First Treatment
A consultation is a one hour long appointment and includes a one-hour treatment. Our Integrative consultation complements conventional care.
Scientific studies prove that integrative medicine works. It supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself — and it does so without drugs or invasive treatments. Integrative treatments promote a state of relaxation and therapeutically compliment treatment which encourages better health. At VEDA we believe that you can achieve optimal health when you engage in your own healing. We empower you to make lifestyle changes. Incorporating one or more of our treatments into your healthcare will help you regain your health and well-being.
Our Unique Process Includes:
  • Collect information about health issues beginning from childhood as well as family history. Answering elaborate questionnaire to record 
    ongoing symptoms according to traditional and Oriental medicine.
  • Examination includes both traditional and non-traditional methods of assessment.  Non-traditional methods are determining constitution type of the patient, tongue, eye, and nails evaluation as well as assessment of the speech, 
    voice, and acupressure points.
  • Auscultation(listening to heart and lungs)
  • Pulse evaluation using Traditional Chinese medicine and Auyrveda methods
  • Lab tests analysis (It is advisable to bring lab tests with you on first appointment)
  • Determining of energetic level of the patient.  Using specialized computer equipment and software allows to estimate functional and 
    adaptation level of organs and systems.
  • Visceral manipulation gains an additional data for analysis by palpation of the abdominal organs through the abdominal wall.  Visceral
     manipulation is both a diagnostic and therapeutic technique
  • Determining of craniosacral rhythm of Central Nervous System


Duration - 120 Minutes